Innovative Design, Low cost / High quality Manufacturing

We have worked with ISO 9001 certified manufacturers in Asia for over 11 years.

  • Select a most suitable manufacturer for a specified product
  • Provide them necessary drawings /documents (confidential) without showing end user’s information
  • Obtain competitive quote with acceptable lead time Place orders and require first article inspection report (FAIR) Schedule first article (FA) delivery with FAIR Mass production begin after customer approval of FA
  • Handle all logistic issues, provide door-to-door delivery
  • Solve all issues from start to finish.

    Innonex's design and manufacturing meet or exceed Customers' expectations
  • Are you facing these issues?

    • Customers requiring Internationally Recognized Quality Standards registration (e.g., ISO 9001. AS 9100, ISO 14000, HAACP & GFSI)?
    • How to differentiate your product from competitors & maintain access to international markets?
    • Lack of standardization in your processes and/or inconsistent product quality?
    • Customer returns, complaints and frequent audits?

    If YES, you may benefit from Quality System Assistance customized to your needs…

    A Quality System (QS) is the process, organizational structure, procedures, and resources used to control variables to produce a product of consistent quality that meets defined specifications.

    • Improves control systems for continuous improvement
    • Reduces scrap and rework defects
    • Increases competitive advantage
    • Removes trade barriers and opens new markets
    • Accesses sophisticated (usually large) customers
    • Improves communications at all levels

    Innonex works with you and your team to understand your business objectives and your quality system needs. We assist owners and managers in determining if which standard(s) would be most advantageous in reaching company goals by providing quality system background, international quality system elements and appropriate registration standards and processes. We assist in reaching company QS goals with training, implementation planning and guidance, process development, and preliminary system auditing.

    Quality Inspection Equipments